Logitech Blue Yeti Nano Review

When you first get into creating content to share with others, a quality microphone needs to be one of your first purchases.  I remember when I first started out, I was using a built in mic on my laptop.  Needless to say, the quality was not very good.

However, when you first start out, you may not pay attention to just how bad the quality is.  I created several videos using my built in laptop mic and didn’t think much about it.  After purchasing the Blue Nano and listening to the difference…it was quite obvious.

Before purchasing the Yeti Nano from Logitech, I spent several hours  pouring over different microphones, the reviews, specs, etc.  I really wanted a quality mic that didn’t break the bank.  Surprisingly, I found a deal on my Yeti Nano and was able to grab one for $79 on Amazon one day!  Today, the Yeti Nano runs $99 on Amazon, which in my opinion, is still a great deal on the quality of the mic.

Now…on to the gritty details.  First up, lets talk about the Blue Sherpa software that works with the mic.  The software has several presets setup to give you some different sound choices to see which fits your voice the best.  You also have the option to record yourself speaking, just to test a few of the presets out.  Of course, if you are an audiophile, you can tweak the settings yourself to get the best fit you are looking for.

The Blue Sherpa software also allows you to keep up to date with Firmware…which is important with any tech device.  You can also adjust the mic gain, headphone level as well as the polar pattern.  For those unfamiliar with the polar pattern, the Yeti Blue Nano has two options: Cardioid and Omni.  Cardioid basically picks up any sound directly in front of the mic.  This is the main setting that folks use for typical use such as gaming, content creation, skype calls, etc.  The Omni setting picks up sound from all around the mic and is great for conference calls or multi-person podcasts.

Lets move on to the mic stand.  The stand furnished with the Yeti Nano is very solid and provides a great platform for the mic.  Many people opt to use some type of mic arm, which is definitely a great option, but if you don’t have the option for a mic arm, the stand that comes with this mic is great.  The overall footprint is small and is very aesthetically pleasing.

One thing that I really like on the Yeti Nano is the volume button on the mic which double as a mute button.  This feature is very nice.  On the opposite side of the volume knob is the Omni/Cardioid button.  You can quickly and easily switch between the two patterns.  The mic is also plug and play, which makes the overall setup a breeze.

So to wrap this up, I’ve had and used the mic for about a year now.  I can say nothing but good so far.  The sound quality is great, the construction is very solid, the Sherpa software provides some great tools, the stand is solid and looks great and the mic can be setup and ready via plug and play in a few minutes.

I rate the Logitech Blue Yeti Nano a solid 5 stars!

The link to the mic is below via Amazon Affiliate.

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