KIWI Grips for Oculus Quest 2

KIWI Grips for Oculus Quest 2 – Review

Our kids have a couple of Oculus Quest 2 devices that they absolutely love.  However, a few of the games they play require (or perhaps don’t require) a lot of excessive arm movements.  One game in particular, Gorilla Tag, has our kids swinging their arms like they are trying to set some sort of record.  This arm swinging led to a controller or two being tossed about the room…needless to say, I wanted to stop this from occurring.

So let’s start the review off with the design.  The KIWI Grips have a nice, thick rubber texture that not only feels good on the hands, but also provides some good grip.  The grips also come with some nice straps that slide across the back of the hand to really keep them on.  One other nice little feature is the hole in the bottom, which allows you to use the original Oculus strap if you choose to do so.  The straps are easily adjustable and are very easy to put on.  You can have them ready to use in just a min or two.

Perhaps the coolest part of this design, is the battery cover and ability to quickly remove the battery.  The battery opening is covered by a seamless piece of the soft silicone; however, it also acts as a latch of sorts and makes the battery easily accessible.  The KIWI Grips also come with a back of plastic pull tabs that can be inserted in the battery chamber (under the battery) which allows the kids to easily pop the battery out for replacement.

In the box you will get 2 Controller Grip Covers, 6 Plastic Pull Tabs and instructions for putting them on the controllers.  The controllers get great ratings across the board.  I purchased these from Amazon (with the link below) for around $24, which in my opinion is well worth the money.  Plus the kids love them!

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