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Workshop Simulator – Overview & Gameplay

Game Name: Workshop Simulator

Release Date: March 10, 2022

Platforms: PC, PS & Xbox

Genre: 3-D Indie Simulation

Game Developer: Intermarum

Publisher: Intermarum

The game is built around taking vintage items and restoring them back to their former glory. The process is very smooth and it’s quite gratifying taking an older, rusty item and making it look new again. This game goes beyond the restoring of items however. The game has a very heart-warming story and allows you to immerse yourself in the beautiful rural setting, which allows you to discover the history of your family by interacting with unique family treasures, each with its own story to tell.

With each item you restore, you can choose to bring it back to its original state of perfection or you can simply repair the major flaws and save time for the bigger, more important projects. Workshop Simulator allows the user to repair and refurbish each item with a wide range of mechanics such as the disassembling of the item, cleaning where needed, sanding and painting among others. While you are working on your item, you can have music playing in the background, which I think is a must. I’m not sure if you classify the music as folk or bluegrass, but I feel it is perfect for the game and was very enjoyable to listen to.

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