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NEW Video Games Coming March 2024!

For some reason, the copyright people felt that WWE 2K24 needed to be removed, so unfortunately, it won’t be in the video much, which also effected the beginning of Unicorn Overlord. I didn’t have time to get back and actually fix the issue, so had to remove it and just move on. But it is coming March 8th!

The Thaumaturge – March 5th

WWE 2K24 – March 8th

Unicorn Overlord – March 8th

Alone in the Dark – March 20th

Horizon Forbidden West – March 21st

Princess Peach Showtime – March 22nd

Dragon’s Dogma 2 – March 22nd

Rise of the Ronin – March 22nd

The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered – March 22nd

South Park Snow Day – March 26th

Prison Architect 2 – March 26th

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