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Marvel’s Wolverine – The Sooner the Better

Ok…so that might be one of the shortest trailers I’ve seen, but also one of those that instantly gets you pumped up. The trailer really looks like we may get a mature rated Wolverine game that is possibly even a little dark. That’s the type of Wolverine game I’ve been looking for.

At this time, we know the release date is a long way out. Insomniac Games simply tells us that the game is in development, so we may not get a release date for a year or so. However, I’m personally a big fan of Insomniac Games and look forward to the spin they put on this much needed Marvel game. One thing to note is that Insomniac is also in the middle of developing the new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We also know that at this time, Marvel’s Wolverine looks to be a PS5 exclusive.

Thanks to Tech Radar, we can see the trailer did drop a few hints along the way. First, they point out that Logan is drinking in the Princess Bar, which is located in Madripoor, which we can see from the bar sign and the Madripoor tourist poster. Wolverine became a regular at this bar for a time and it was even considered his home away from home. We know from the comics that Madripoor is a hotbed for criminal activity as well, so maybe we will see Wolverine taking on some type of criminal underworld?

Another Easter Egg that TechRadar points out could really shed some light on the game considering the pieces we know. TechRadar says and I quote:

“Another possible Easter Egg is the Radio Lowtown 104.8 poster. Lowtown is a district in Madripoor (so Madipoor as a setting seems pretty likely) but the 104.8 seems to reference Marvel Earth-1048, the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe. This seems to suggest that Insomniac’s Spider-Man games and Wolverine take place in the same universe, meaning we could see a Marvel Game Universe in the making – or at least we hope so.

But the Radio station isn’t the only number that appears to reference a specific comic book. The license plate on the bar reads “HLK 181″, which seems to reference The Incredible Hulk #18 – in which Wolverine makes an appearance. Does that mean we could see Hulk in Marvel’s Wolverine? Again, we certainly hope so.”

After reading up on some comments made by Insomniac Games and the development team, it does appear that this Wolverine game will have a mature tone. Insomniac goes on to say “In the vein of our Spider-Man games, our goal here is to not only respect the DNA of what makes the character so popular, but also look for opportunities to make it feel fresh and truly reflect the Insomniac spirit,” Insomniac Games wrote in a PlayStation blog post. According to the developer, despite being in early development, Marvel’s Wolverine boasts an “emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay”. All sounds great to me.

For me personally, and apparently a lot of others out there, I’m looking to see a more dark side with this Wolverine. Now I’m not asking for over the top gore and guts, I simply want the dev team to dig into Logan’s backstory and really hit the darker moments of the character…which we know is definitely there. As I mentioned previously, tech radar helped point out a few tidbits that could lead to other Marvel heroes being brought into the game. I would love to see that. Now that really depends on the true time frame that the game will be set in and how the story unfolds, but having some famous characters that are close to Wolverine like Jean Grey or Professor X would be cool or even bring in some villains we’ve seen Wolverine deal with in the past such as Sabertooth or even the Weapon X program in general that helped turn him into the mutant we all know and love.

I could speculate and read up on this game all day long. I’m hoping we get more and more information as the games development progresses toward a finished product. But man I’m excited for this one!

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